Price 5000 ₺
Fuel Type Gasoline
Brand Asıtra Korea
Sales Type Sold
kVA 3
Status Second Hand
Generator Model Asıtra Korea 3
Engine Model 7HP
Alternator Model --
Operating Hours 0
Cabin Type Cabinless

Asitra Korea 3kVA is a second hand gasoline generator. The product of the Asitra Korea brand; This generator is 3kVA power; has the capacity. need; It is ideal for meeting the small electrical loads heard.

Equipped with a 7HP engine model, the Asitra Korea 3 generator uses gasoline fuel. Thanks to its cabinetless design, it is easy to transport and install.

With its affordable price and compact structure, this generator is an excellent option to meet electricity needs at homes, camps, picnics or small businesses. Useful for providing a reliable energy source during power outages or outdoor activities.

Asitra Korea 3kVA is a second hand generator and is offered for sale at a price of 5.000 ₺. This can be an economical option with its affordable price and can offer a reliable solution to meet your basic electricity needs.

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