NOTE: This power value is a representative value. Marmara Power Systems will assist you in choosing a generator.

Marmara Power Systems Calculator is a tool designed to calculate the energy needs of users' home and workplace devices. With this tool, after calculating the energy consumption of the devices in the home and workplace of the users, it offers the required generator power in kilowatts. This allows users to better understand the size and cost of the generator system required.

Advantages of using Marmara Power Systems Calculator;

Better understanding of energy consumption: Users can take energy efficiency measures by better understanding the energy consumption of appliances at home and at work. Choosing the appropriate generator system: Users can choose the appropriate generator systems by calculating the generator power needed. Better evaluation of costs: Users can better evaluate the costs required for the generator system and choose the most cost-effective and performing system. Evaluating financing options: Users can reduce costs by evaluating financing options to cover the costs required for the generator system.

As a result, Marmara Power Systems Calculator allows users to better understand their energy needs, select suitable generator systems, and evaluate financing options to meet the required costs.

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