Price 160000 ₺
Fuel Type Diesel Oil
Sales Type Sold
kVA 125
Status Second Hand
Generator Model AJ 125 R
Engine Model R6105ZLD
Alternator Model 274 C
Operating Hours 125
Cabin Type With Cabin

GENPARK AJ 125 R, 125kVA power; It is a second-hand diesel generator with capacity. The product of the GENPARK brand; This generator is designed to provide a reliable source of electricity. Equipped with engine model R6105ZLD and model 274 C alternator.

The GENPARK AJ 125 R running on diesel fuel, high power; It is ideal to meet their needs. This generator, which has an operating time of 125 hours, has been used for a limited time before. Thanks to its cabinet design, it is protected against external factors and increases its durability.

GENPARK AJ 125 R is suitable for providing reliable energy in areas such as industrial plants, large businesses or emergencies. high power Thanks to its capacity, it can easily meet various electrical loads.

This second hand generator is on sale for 160,000 ₺. Strong With its engine, cabin design and affordable price, GENPARK AJ 125 R offers a reliable solution against power cuts and is an ideal option to meet your energy needs.

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